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“In a tight IT company acquisition market, sourcing target companies is the key element”


Carlos BedranIn January 2022, Carlos Bedran joined AURIS Finance. This IT sector specialist, who has accompanied about fifty deals during his career, now uses his experience to accompany his clients in a particularly buoyant market where multiples are soaring. Interview.

What was your background before joining AURIS Finance?

I have dedicated my entire career to the IT sector. I have founded three groups in this area of business: Brime Technologies (2,500 employees), Alyotech (2,200 employees) and Yxelia in 2014, which is specialized in Networks and Telecommunications. All these groups have grown through buildup with investment funds at an international scale (Europe, North America, North Africa, Middle East). During my career, I have initiated about 50 M&A and fundraising transactions, as well as start-ups in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sectors. These different experiences have allowed me to build up an important network with the managers of these companies, but also with private equity funds.

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Why did you choose to join AURIS Finance?

What attracted me the most was AURIS Finance’s strategic position, its size and its specificities. Indeed, this consulting firm only assists its clients in sectors that it masters completely. Thus, all the experts are specialized and all have a proven track record as company managers in their field, which allows them to discuss with their clients with all the knowledge needed for this type of interaction. They are familiar with the problems of the companies they work with and the markets in which they operate. In addition, AURIS Finance provides an end-to-end service with a proven approach to sourcing target companies. This is particularly important at a time when there is a scarcity of companies put on the sell-side M&A market. At AURIS, they have a considerable strike force in terms of sourcing new files, with dedicated sales staff, and proven marketing techniques and direct approach to managers, that differentiates them from their colleagues working on the same area of business. In addition, AURIS Advisory, a subsidiary of AURIS Finance, assists clients in the audit and due diligence phases. This is a rare market positioning and allows us to be as close as possible to the needs of our clients and to uncover takeover opportunities that are not made publicly available.

What sectors are you responsible for?

At AURIS Finance, I am in charge of the Technology, Media and Telecom sector, including of course IT, electronics and mechanics. I know the market well both in France and internationally. This market is currently in a frenzy of acquisitions. It is important to keep in mind that at the moment we are witnessing a shortage of companies for sale. We are therefore constantly sourcing new opportunities.

What is the reason for this buying craze?

Investment funds currently have a high level of liquidity. These funds are competing with companies that also currently have high cash reserves. One reason for this is the health crisis, which has led to precautionary reserves being built up. Many companies are making acquisitions in order to increase their production capacity and acquire new talent to overcome the shortage of candidates and to go global. Investment funds and companies are now faced with the same problem: finding companies to buy.

Which companies in your sectors are currently the most sought-after?

All companies that specialize in handling large volumes of data, those involved in the cloud, development, HR, cybersecurity and enterprise infrastructure management. Finally, ERP vendors specializing in business verticals.

How do you support your clients who want to make international acquisitions?

Today, there is a very strong appetite on the part of IT services companies that want to expand in Europe (Germany, Benelux, Southern Europe), but also across the Atlantic. Very often, to establish themselves in the United States, companies go through Canada. France remains a leader in the IT services sector with international groups of French origin. My role is to support them by opening my address book and providing them with the strength and professionalism of AURIS.

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