Financial Audit

Do you want to secure your high-end transactions?

AURIS Advisory is committed to providing

  • Personalized support tailored to your needs
  • Responsiveness in line with your schedule
  • A dedicated team led by a financial expert
  • A firm registered with the French Order of Chartered Accountants and the French Company of Statutory Auditors

Acquisition audit

We carry out the audit of your target

In this context, our auditors evaluate the quality of the accounting and financial information (historical financial statements, current trading), verify the assumptions used in determining the acquisition price (operating margin, adjustments to results, net debt, etc.), and include an analysis of the market in which the target operates, as well as its specificities and organization.

The potential risks identified and evaluated during the audit – tax and social risks, ongoing litigation or proceedings, obsolescence of inventory, receivables with significant age, etc. – will notably allow for the adjustment of the acquisition price as well as the essential clauses of the asset and liability guarantee.

The conclusions of our audit then allow you to finalize negotiations with the target and initiate the drafting of sale agreements based on reliable information.


    Analyze the company and its market
  • Verify the coherence and value of the information provided
  • Study the organization and specificities of the structure
    Understand potential risks
  • Identify and assess all potential risks that could give rise to provisions
  • Refine the content of the clauses and guarantees, as well as the acquisition price

Vendor due diligence

Our mission

Regularly solicited by company executives and investment funds, we carry out due diligence missions on their behalf prior to the sale of assets (companies, subsidiaries, business units, etc.) in order to optimize the conditions of the planned transaction.

The objectives of a Vendor Due Diligence are multiple:

▪ Identify potential barriers to the sale;

▪ Establish an action plan to optimize the value of the asset being sold;

▪ Study profitability, non-recurring items, cash flows, key indicators of the income statement, balance sheet, and financial position of the company;

▪ Anticipate the expectations and objections of potential buyers;

▪ Provide recommendations to executives to address weaknesses identified in the sale process;

▪ Streamline the transaction process;

▪ Produce reliable financial information to support negotiations.

The approach of AURIS Advisory allows you to reassure potential buyers about your company and facilitate the planned sale.


    Anticipate buyers' requests
  • Analyze profitability drivers
  • Analyze and prevent transaction risks
    Produce transparent information
  • Establish a general and reliable diagnosis of the company
  • Produce a detailed and objective financial review

Contributions audits

Our mission

Our mission for audits of contributions is to provide a critical view on the valuation and financial modeling of contributions, mergers, and splits. Our objective and independent opinion helps to secure the directors and protect the shareholders. 

AURIS Advisory provides support for all legal missions related to capital transactions.

We regularly intervene on the following operations:

▪ Partial contribution of assets;

▪ Contribution in kind;

▪ Merger and split;

▪ Allocation of special benefits;

▪ Legal transformation of companies;

▪ Cancellation of subscription rights in the context of capital increases;

▪ Ad-hoc statutory audit.

To achieve the objectives of our mission, our due diligence includes:

▪ Analyzing the coherence of the valuation of the contributed assets to the company in connection with the contribution agreements;

▪ Assessing the impact of events occurring between the effective date of the transaction and the date of our intervention as well as the risks associated with the assets;

▪ Verifying the relevance of the share values in the context of merger or split operations;

▪ Checking the fairness of the exchange ratio.


    To meet the objectives of our mission, our procedures notably allow us to
  • Analyze the consistency of the valuation of assets contributed to the company in connection with the contribution agreements
  • Verify compliance with legal provisions in connection with the operations carried out

Pre-sale assessment

Our mission

We assist you in the analysis of your patrimonial and fiscal situation, with a view to a sale of your company.

Our experts will carry out an in-depth and personalized diagnosis of your situation, in order to respond precisely and adapted to the sale objectives defined during our joint study.

In addition, AURIS Advisory teams will assist you in the development and implementation of innovative strategies and mechanisms that will allow you to optimize the conditions of the sale of your company. This will be done in respect of your post-

sale objectives, in order to ensure a smooth and beneficial transition for all stakeholders.

Auris Advisory assists you in the selling process of your company.


    Optimize the sale of your company
  • Analyze and assess your situation
  • Build and customize the operation to meet your objectives.