Our experts constitute the core of AURIS Finance. They are former company executives who cumulate several decades of experience and who fully master all aspects of company mergers


Jacques ROBOH

Jacques has devoted most of his career managing human resources and temporary employment businesses. He has built up a group of service companies generating close to €100 million in revenue all together.

Jacques founded AURIS Finance in 2000, and now focuses exclusively on mergers & acquisitions and financial engineering

Damien GROS

After graduating from an MBA in Finance, Damien started his financial career in an international M&A advisory firm before joining the AURIS Finance team in 2010.

Over the past 10 years, he has successfully carried out around fifty M&A transactions in the Business Services sector, particularly in the recruitment and temporary employment activities. Damien has also completed numerous corporate financial valuation assignments and leads the firm’s team of analysts.

Areas of expertise: Human Resources, Temporary employment, Business services & Financial engineering.

Arnaud Watteau


Arnaud has gained a huge work experience in operational consulting and equity transactions.

After having led the wealth management and financial engineering team of Louvre Private Banking, Arnaud successfully took over and developed – especially by external growth – two service companies and then sold them to publicly traded companies.

Prior to joining AURIS Finance, Arnaud was a consultant in financial restructuring, acquisition and structural finance for corporate executives and then got into partnership with a Private Equity fund for which he managed several transactions.



Henri-Jacques, graduated MS / MBA, has devoted most of his career to the sectors of ‘services to industry’ (including construction engineering, industrial process engineering, automated material handling, ….) and contractors (integrators / turnkey contractors). Henri-Jacques has managed major players in these sectors in France, the Netherlands and Belgium and has carried out numerous disposals, acquisitions and restructuring operations. He joined AURIS Finance to develop his activities in France and Europe.


Eric Laune

For more than 20 years, Eric fulfilled managerial functions of Business Unit in provision of services to businesses (Human Resources, part-time work, multiservice and Facility Management) within international large-scale groups such as ELIOR and ATALIAN. He actively took part in elaborating strategic plans aiming at developing new fields of abilities or at defining new orientations; leading to sale and acquisition operations. Eric also contributed to create and develop a “G.I.E.” (= Organization for Economic Interest) to respond to European requests for proposals.


Olivier KOPP

Olivier spent most of his career in the Food industry. He held several managerial positions in several international groups : Unilever, Bongrain, Campbell’s Soup… He went on to become the head of SCAMARK in 1997. SCAMARK is the Private Labels division of E.Leclerc group.

In 2007, he took over through LBOs the biscuit producers Traou Mad and Millcrepes. After helping them grow strategically and monitoring them for five years, he sold them in 2012 and joined AURIS Finance.

Nicolas PRIEUR

Nicolas has a rich and large experience in the food industry. After having contributed to the strategic reorganization of Union Laitière Normande, he continued his career in finance and controlling management positions within the companies : Bongrain, Cémoi, Alphaprim.

Nicolas spent also several years with Saupiquet where he contributed to the takeover of the companies Furic and Paul Chacun, and initiated the restructuring of the entire value chain.
Nicolas also participated in a successful IPO and supported agribusiness start-ups in defining their business model and raising funds.

Bernard Gaud

Bernard has a large experience of General Manager in food industry, either in national companies or international groups (Sodima Yoplait/Candia, Arcadie) or in SMEs of this business field (Etoile du Vercors, Garcin).

Entrepreneur, Bernard has also created, developed – especially by external growth- and sold companies, in organic food industry. So, he is familiar with patrimonial M&A.

Otherwise he has always been very active in employer’s association, on regional and national levels.


Carlos Bedran


A graduate of the Ecole Centrale de Paris, as well as of MIT (Boston USA), Carlos has spent his career, in France and internationally, as an entrepreneur in the IT services and consulting industry. He created and developed three groups by build-up with investment funds: BRIME TECHNOLOGIES (2,500 people in 8 countries), ALYOTECH (2,200 people in 5 countries) and YXELIA (500 people in 4 countries). In this capacity, he participated in the takeover and integration of fifty companies and carried out numerous creations of subsidiaries in startup mode, stock market listings and fundraising on the stock market.


Financial Analysts

Jonathan ROBOH

Jonathan joined AURIS Finance as an analyst after graduating from an MSc in Corporate Finance.

He participates in financial analysis and due diligence assignments, and supports sector experts in their assignments.

Areas of expertise: Human Resources, Temporary employment, Cleaning & Business services.

Maxime Gautier


Graduated from Rennes School of Business in Corporate Finance, Maxime started his career as financial auditor at Ernst&Young in Luxembourg, before actively took part of M&A deals particularly for the food & beverage industry, within different M&A advisory firms.
Maxime joined AURIS Finance in 2022 to support our sector experts in the origination and the execution phase of sell-side and buy-side mandates.

Areas of expertise: Food & Beverage, Consumer goods.

Photo Théo BRASSAC


Graduated from Kedge Business School (Bordeaux) in corporate finance, Théo started his career as a M&A analyst at CIC Conseil before joining an IT-oriented M&A boutique in Paris. Théo joined AURIS Finance in 2021 to participate in the initiation and execution of M&A transactions. He is in charge of the financial analysis of companies, the drafting of information memorandum and to accompany the sectoral experts until the transactions closing.

Areas of expertise: Services to industry, Engineering, IT & Telecom.


Graduated from KEDGE Business School, Pierre started his career as a financial analyst within M&A advisory firms where he actively took part in several operations of companies sales and fundraising for the ecommerce/retail, health and construction industries.
Pierre joined AURIS Finance in 2020 and assist the experts ‘team in sourcing and executing M&A and fundraising deals.

Areas of expertise : Temporary employment, Finishing works industry & HVAC.

Research Analysts


Marion is responsible of identifying potential targets based on criteria determined by our sector experts.

She is also responsible for establishing initials contacts with target companies, and for managing the relationships between the clients and our experts.



Oceane’s focus is on identifying possible targets based on criteria determined by our industry experts.

She is also responsible for establishing initials contacts with target companies, and for managing the relationships between the clients and our experts.

Mireille PINEL

Mireille initiates the first contacts with company top management as soon as we start working together on buy-side or sell-side mandates.

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Affiliations and accreditations

AURIS Finance is a member of “AFITE”, “Association pour le Financement et la Transmission d’Entreprise” under the status of “Conseil-Expert Financier” which guarantees our clients the quality of our services and their compliance with regulatory provisions.

“Conseil-Expert Financier” – Professional Card “Transactions” N° CPI 9201 2017 000 021 584 delivered by the Chamber of commerce of Paris Ile-de-France