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Auris Finance is committed to

  • No brokers or middlemen, only financial strategy advice
  • Working alongside management to optimize the day-to-day operations
  • Innovative solutions tailored to your needs
  • An in-depth understanding of investors’/ lenders’ decision processes
  • Assistance in deciphering financial offers

Understanding the context of the financing project

Assess the current situation of the company

Before initiating a financing search or fundraising process, it is essential to have a good understanding of the company’s structure, activity, know-how, organization, production means, market positioning, and historical performance. Assessing the current situation of the company is the first step and involves collecting and analyzing information provided by the managers. This allows highlighting the strengths of the company and the project.

Defining the main objectives of the financing project

The teams at AURIS Finance assist you in defining the specifications of the planned operation, including the project timeline, determination of the financing amount, potential dilution proportion of historical shareholders in the capital, potential expectations of a financial partner beyond the financing amount (network, financial and legal expertise), and requirements for the nature of the relationship with the investor…


    Understanding the company and its market
  • Understand the history of the company and its current overall situaion
  • Analyze the development projects envisaged
    Gathering the expectations of the shareholders:
  • Defining specifications that meet the expectations of the managers
  • Precise determination of financing needs.

Defining the financing strategy

Identifying the best financing levers

After validating with the managers their financing needs, the teams at AURIS Finance advise them on selecting the most relevant financing options according to the project: equity participation (minority or majority), senior debt, mezzanine debt, convertible bonds, etc.

We assist you in achieving the optimal legal and financial target structuring at the end of the projected operation (financial modeling).


    Searching for the optimal financing structure
  • Presentation of the different possible financing options for the project
  • Assistance in choosing an optimal scheme.

Preparing for financing search

Preparing the documentation

To allow potential financial partners a good understanding of the company’s model, development prospects, and needs, it is necessary to provide them with a clear and comprehensive presentation. The teams at AURIS Finance take charge of drafting a Memorandum (or “Deck”), a document detailing the financing project’s context, the company’s structure, activity, market positioning, historical performance, and growth prospects. This Memorandum is complemented by a business plan integrating different scenarios and allowing potential partners to project themselves into a future collaboration.

Establishing a list of potential investors

Based on their network, the AURIS Finance teams draw up a list of the most relevant financial partners, taking into account both the desired financing modes and the company’s specificities (sector of activity, size, geographical presence, etc.). Before any contact is made, this list is validated in consultation with the company’s managers.


    Preparing the documentation
  • Collecting and analyzing the necessary documentation to carry out the mission
  • Producing a Memorandum presenting the company and its project, supported by a business plan.
    Establishing a list of potential investors:
  • Identifying a list of partners suited to the financing project
  • Validating the preferred investors with the managers.

Approaching financial partners and initiating the first exchanges

Contacting the identified partners

Once the list of financial partners has been validated, the AURIS Finance teams contact them by providing them with a teaser anonymously presenting the company and the financing project. Financial partners expressing an interest in the project sign a confidentiality agreement (or “NDA”) to receive the presentation deck in return.

Organizing the exchanges

Once the interest of financial partners is confirmed based on the presentation deck and initial exchanges with the AURIS Finance teams, a meeting is organized between all parties. These discussions allow for all details about the company and its prospects to be provided and define the terms of a potential financing project.


    Contact and validation of interest
  • Providing a teaser to generate interest from financial partners
  • Confirmation of the interest of interested partners by signing an NDA
    Exchanges with interested partners
  • Detailed presentation of the project outline and growth prospects
  • Facilitation of exchanges with investors.

Negotiating financing offers

Orchestrating a competitive process

The AURIS Finance teams manage the competitive process between investors interested in the project, receive and negotiate preliminary offers (or “LOI”) from them. We facilitate the reading of these offers by synthesizing them through a comparative grid, simplifying the decision-making process.

Determining the timeline with financial partners

Upon validation of the financing terms with the investor(s) through the signing of an LOI, the AURIS Finance teams assist you in structuring and implementing a schedule for the completion of the operation.


    Negotiating financing offers
  • Competitive bidding among the most relevant partners
  • Negotiating the essential clauses of the offers
    Determining the timeline with financial partners
  • Structuring a retro planning with the parties until the project is realized.

Facilitating the audit phase and the signing of acts

Managing audits

The AURIS Finance teams collect, structure and make available all the documentation requested by investors to allow them to conduct financial audits. This data is presented on a secure virtual space (or “Data room”). We facilitate question-and-answer sessions with investors and streamline exchanges throughout the process.

Supporting managers up to the "closing"

The AURIS Finance teams, in close collaboration with your legal advisors, accompany and assist you in negotiations relating to legal documentation until the signing of the documents confirming the completion of the financing project (shareholders’ agreement, financing contract, and all ancillary documents).


    Audit Management
  • Centralizing and organizing documentation
  • Creating, managing, and animating a secure Data room to ensure proper audit flow
    Support until "closing"
  • Assistance from AURIS Finance teams in negotiations of legal documentation
  • Monitoring and support until the final completion of the project