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Guyaux Chocolatier joins the Saveurs & Délices Group

Chocolaterie Saveurs & Délices

The chocolate market in France remains dynamic. The Saveurs & Délices Group has just made its fifth acquisition with the takeover of Guyaux chocolatier, a family business founded in 1931. Experts from AURIS Finance, a merger and acquisition consultancy, examine this new market movement.

Despite the general economic uncertainty, the French are still fond of sweet treats. According to figures from the Syndicat du Chocolat (the chocolate makers’ union), average chocolate and confectionery consumption in 2021 was 13.2 kilos per year and household. A total of 347,979 tonnes were sold in France in 2021, with a value of €3,323 million. Aside from the industrial heavyweights, whose sales are primarily in supermarkets and hypermarkets, artisanal chocolate has a special place in the habits of the French, who particularly enjoy it at Christmas and Easter.

Well-positioned family businesses

In this context, family-owned businesses continue to grow. Since November 2022, Guyaux Chocolatier is part of a group of four other companies within the Saveurs & Délices Group: Réauté Chocolat, Maffren Confectioner, Monbana Chocolatier and Guisabel Chocolatier. Between 2015 and 2022, the Saveurs & Délices Group grew through inorganic growth. In turn, the Group acquired five independent chocolate manufacturers. With each transaction, Saveurs & Délices follows the same recipe: each company continues to produce under its own brand name and retains its specific characteristics. For example, Guyaux Chocolatier is known for its unusual truffles, while Guisabel Chocolatier has recipes such as Tas de Sel (dark ganache with Guérande salted butter caramel) and Bloc d’Ardoise (chocolate-covered hazelnut feuilleté) as its signature products.

French craftsmanship

One thing these five acquisitions have in common is that they are all family-owned businesses that exemplify the “Made in France” tradition. While each company works under its own brand, the Group pools raw material purchases, transportation, and logistics. In this way, the Group optimises its distribution network not just in France, via the retail and bakery networks, but also globally.

Strategic diversification

Saveurs & Délices is headed by Christian Buton, who founded his bakery and patisserie business in 1962. In the beginning, the Group stood out for its expertise in bakery products, particularly brioches. It was only in 2015 that Saveurs & Délices diversified into chocolate and confectionery through a series of acquisitions of French small and medium-sized companies. Today, the Group sells its products to hotel and restaurant professionals, delicatessens, and directly to consumers through its network of 90 shops.

Get the support you need

In troubled times, artisanal know-how remains a safe haven for consumers who continue to favour quality products made in France. In this context, small and medium-sized family-owned companies that have been able to combine innovation and tradition are particularly sought after by buyers. Experts at AURIS Finance are specialised by sector and have recognised expertise in the food trade. They will assist you with your sales and acquisitions and will be at your side throughout the process.

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