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Ecoclean Services aims for both organic and inorganic growth

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Since it was created in 2016, Ecoclean Services went on to acquire fourteen companies. In six years, the specialist in cleaning services, small jobs, and maintenance of green spaces has secured a leading position with French public and private organisations. This growth has been driven by an aggressive acquisition strategy and accompanied by dynamic organic growth. Experts from AURIS Finance, a consultancy firm specialising in mergers and acquisitions, examine this unique model of hyper-growth.

In just six years, Ecoclean Services has grown from a turnover of €10 million to €45 million. At the same time, the number of employees in the group has increased significantly. It now employs 2,200 people, up from 350 a few years ago. The French cleaning specialist has no intention of stopping there and is aiming for a turnover of €100 million by 2025.

Ultra-fast growth

To achieve this, the group is relying on both organic and inorganic growth. Internally, development is continuing with an annual increase in activity of around 4-6%. Externally, the company has been on a buying spree. In January 2020, Ecoclean Services acquired EURO CRISTAL, a company specialising in building maintenance and industrial cleaning, based in the centre of the Oise region. In February 2021, the group acquired Serviclean and Serviclean Atlantique to strengthen its presence in the Paris region. A year later, it also acquired Proxy Services, a company specialising in the luxury goods sector. Finally, in September 2022, three new acquisitions consolidated the group’s growth strategy, again in the Paris region.

The flexibility of a small and medium-sized company

In its acquisition strategy, Ecoclean Services emphasises its unique positioning, promising “the strength of a group and the flexibility of a small or medium-sized company”. In fact, each new acquisition continues to operate under its pre-acquisition name. Ecoclean Services thus brings together a wide range of brands that continue to operate under their own names: Serviclean, VDS, Manulay, Esthète Propreté, Euroc-Cristal, Ecla Propreté, Ecoclean, Ecoclean Services associés, Maximat Propreté Services, Vega and Étoiles Propreté. Each business unit targets a specific type of client. For example, Ecla Propreté targets residential buildings, large complexes and establishments open to the public, while Maximat specialises in the cleaning of data centres in the Paris region.

Internal organisational structuring

It is not easy to create a sense of belonging in a multi-brand company whose employees work outside the headquarters. To achieve this, Ecoclean Services relies on an internal training programme and a shareholding system involving top management. “After the banks, I am the largest shareholder. The executives and managers of the acquired companies, as well as the head of HR, are part of the shareholding scheme. By offering them the opportunity to buy shares, I structure the company and at the same time build their loyalty. It is a powerful management tool,” Laurent Petit, the group’s CEO, told Services magazine.

Get the support you need

An aggressive acquisition strategy can significantly accelerate a group’s development. However, inorganic growth strategies must be strategically considered beforehand in order to avoid unbalancing the life of a company. Within the AURIS Finance Group, we have experts with many years of experience in the cleaning and industrial cleaning sector. They are familiar with the specific problems of this industry and are able to assist you throughout the entire process of your sale or acquisition transaction.

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