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Software is boosting the efficiency of logistics warehouses

Logiciels entrepôts logistiques

The logistics sector is currently undergoing profound changes. Digital technology and artificial intelligence are making their way into the supply chain, offering faster and more reliable solutions. The experts at AURIS Finance, a consultancy specialising in mergers and acquisitions, take a closer look at these innovative companies transforming the sector.

Industry experts are well aware that logistics today must respond to a number of challenges. The covid health crisis and geopolitical tensions have underlined the importance of supply chain control. At the same time, the environmental emergency demands that deliveries be more efficient and cleaner than ever before. These are just some of the challenges that technical logistics specialists are responding to. In recent years, start-ups have sprung up to improve supply chain performance through the use of digital technology and now artificial intelligence.

New actors

These companies are now attracting a lot of attention from investors, who are investing heavily and actively participating in fundraising rounds. French specialist Stockoss recently raised €4 million from specialists in tech financing. Global Brain, 50Partners, Hartwood, FrenchFounders, Kima Ventures, and UK fund Pi Labs have all invested in the French start-up. Stockoss stands out for its 100% digital warehousing and logistics solution, which allows its clients to manage their supply chain and gain access to a network of warehousing and storage partners. The solution offered is primarily a SaaS data management solution with dashboards summarising stock levels, inbound and outbound flows, and order history. To date, Stockhoss has 180 clients and 55,000 shipments per month.

Technology and AI

Several companies are now positioning themselves in this market. Although they do not have their own warehouses, they are facilitating access to storage through a technological solution to optimise flows. Inventory management, stock optimisation, and order preparation are made easier by dedicated applications. These solutions make use of existing warehouse networks. Spacefill has established a network of 1,500 warehouses across Europe. The interconnected network provides constant visibility of space availability, enabling clients to optimise their operations and reduce their carbon footprint. Two improvements that companies are particularly interested in. Against this backdrop, Spacefill, which generated €10 million in revenue in 2021, has managed to raise €25 million from two specialist funds: NPG Capital and Maersk Growth.

Alki, a competitor in this technological innovation race, is noteworthy for having implemented artificial intelligence-powered SaaS software. By collecting precise data (volume and weight of items, transport capacities), the solution enables loading operations to be optimised. Thanks to this solution, logistics service provider Log’s has had a significant increase in productivity and a reduction in its error rate.

Our experts at your side

Data is at the heart of the current revolution in logistics. Innovative companies that manage to create value by collecting and analysing data are attracting investors. AURIS Finance’s experts are specialised by sector. They can help you find the funding you need.

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