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Lyon’s top fund-raising companies

Entreprises lyonnaises

Fundraising is not just for companies in the Paris region. In Lyon, a number of companies have made their mark since the beginning of 2024. The experts at AURIS Finance, an M&A consultancy with a regional network, take a look at four financing rounds for Lyon-based companies.

One of Lyon’s nuggets is a biotech company. MaaT Pharma, founded in 2014, focuses on the development of microbiome ecosystem therapies (MET) for cancer patients (cancer treatment therapies using microbiota). The group, which aims to become the “leader in microbiota”, has just completed an express fundraising round of €18.2 million. Express because it was completed in a matter of hours with institutional and private investors. MaaT Pharma, which has a turnover of €2.2 million, attracted investors with its plan to be the first company to market a microbiota product in oncology and to produce a treatment for 3,000 patients per year. This round of funding will enable the biotech to secure its cash flow until 2025. Following the start of phase 3 clinical trials of MaaT013 in Europe, the company plans to start clinical trials of the same treatment in the US.

Biotech and Greentech

Another Lyon-based player in the health sector is the Lyophitech group. Specialising in dynamic freeze-drying (a low-temperature, low-pressure drying process used to preserve sensitive products), the group raised €3 million in June 2024. MBCI Industries, a holding company owned by the du Mesnil family, has become the group’s majority shareholder. This fundraising marks a new stage for the Lyophitech group, which is moving from the industrialisation phase to the active marketing of its technology.

The Sopht group also stood out in June when it came to funding. This Lyon-based company, which aims to help IT departments manage the environmental footprint of their digital ecosystem, raised €3.3 million. This round of financing will support the Lyon-based start-up’s ambitions to triple its portfolio of key accounts and reach the symbolic milestone of one million tonnes of CO2 under management within four years.

A real estate matchmaking website

Despite a sluggish real estate sector, Lyon-based Seventee has managed to pull itself up by its bootstraps by closing a €1.3 million funding round. The startup, which was founded in 2024, has developed a “property matchmaking platform” to connect tenants and estate agents, making the rental process smoother. It currently has 2,000 tenant profiles and 500 agencies. Funding has been raised from property and construction professionals.

Our experts at your side

Lyon’s economic fabric is no exception to the global trend. Deeptechs (companies offering disruptive innovations based on significant technological advances) – such as MaaT Pharma and Lyophitech – remain the most sought-after by investors. Given the urgency of climate change, investors are also increasingly interested in decarbonisation solutions in the IT sector. Finally, simple and useful solutions, such as Seventee, continue to raise funds despite an uncertain macroeconomic backdrop. Securing financing is an important step in enabling an innovative company to move from the R&D phase to industrial development and commercialisation. AURIS Finance’s experts have a regional presence. Specialised by sector, they support company directors in their development.

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