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Four reasons to hire a merger and acquisition consulting firm

Cabinet de conseil en fusion-acquisition

After years of work and investment, you have made the decision to sell your company. On average, it takes nine to twelve months from the time a company is put up for sale to its actual sale. This is a critical period during which the support of a merger and acquisition consulting firm can often be decisive. Here are four reasons why:

Ensuring the best possible acquirer

You want to sell, but not to just anyone, nor under any conditions. The primary mission of a merger and acquisition consulting firm is to identify the right buyer – the one who meets the most criteria, in terms of the offered valuation as well as the future development direction of the company you have created. That’s why Auris Finance is organized into industry-specific sectors.

Supported by financial analysts and research officers, Auris Finance’s experts are all former business executives with years of experience in strategic economic sectors such as agribusiness, engineering, IT, telecommunications, human resources, and temporary employment. Their deep knowledge of the market and extensive network enables them to identify the best buyers for your company, saving you valuable time by avoiding visits from mere curiosity-seekers. Information shared around the sale of your company is punctual and time-limited.

Saving time to focus on what’s matter.

Time management and scheduling are important assets for successfully selling a company. It’s worth noting that the longer a sale takes to materialize, the more likely the sale price will decrease. In fact, a sale transaction is a very time-consuming activity. Completing a transaction without any support can be very exhausting for the business owner who must continue to run their business while negotiating the sale. The risk is then to neglect the business and jeopardize its sustainability.

The objective of a merger and acquisition consulting firm is to allow you to focus on what’s essential: your business. You stay in control and continue to do what you do best: managing and developing your business. Meanwhile, your consultant acts for you and consults you at every decisive step of the transaction process.

Putting emotions aside

Like all business owners, you have personally invested in the creation and development of your company. It is therefore entirely normal that when selling it, you approach negotiations with a lot of emotion. It’s difficult to defend your own interests. That’s why having a professional by your side will allow you to keep a cool head at each stage of the process. Experienced in negotiation, the experts of the merger and acquisition consulting firm will find the right arguments to defend your interests.

Surrounding oneself with seasoned professionals to ensure the best merger and acquisition advice

The last obstacle sometimes raised by candidates for sale is the cost of expert support. Expert support allows for the organization of competition between buyers. Know that the added value obtained through competition is often significantly higher than the amount of fees paid to the consulting firm.

At Auris Finance, we commit to accompany our business owner clients only if we are certain that we can achieve their objectives, both in terms of price and the modalities of sale and types of buyers.

Our fees are transparent and are mostly tied to the success of the transaction.