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FoodTech: Foss stands out with two cutting-edge analysis solutions

Food tech

In the food safety market, some foodtech companies are coming into their own. This is the case with Foss, which has just launched two innovations: one for meat analysis, the other for dairy inspection. Both technologies are set to become very popular in the coming months. Here are some explanations from the experts at AURIS Finance, a consultancy specialising in mergers and acquisitions.

Food quality and safety is a very topical issue. The forthcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games have prompted the French government to review the number of inspections in this sector. The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty confirmed to Radio France that the government plans to carry out 100,000 inspections this year, almost twice as many as in 2023. With nearly 16 million visitors expected, the government wants to prevent the spread of food-borne illnesses and avoid tarnishing the image of France, which is world famous for its gastronomy.

Against this backdrop, food technology solutions for quality control are attracting increasing interest not only from the restaurant sector, but also from food specialists and retailers. One company that stands out is Foss, the world’s leading supplier of food industry analysis. These solutions cover the entire production process, from monitoring the quality of raw materials to the compliance of finished products. In 2022, Danish company Foss had a turnover of €328 million through its subsidiaries in 32 countries and some 75 approved distributors around the world.

Meat and dairy products

The company has just unveiled its latest innovation, the MeatMaster Flex. This online analyser works continuously to accurately determine the fat content of meat and detect any traces of contamination. Its mobility means it can be integrated into any production environment. It is capable of scanning 100% of the meat at high speed, analysing up to 20 tonnes per hour. Another Foss innovation is the ProcessScan 2. This fully automated online solution measures the composition of milk every ten seconds. It is integrated into the production line of dairy product manufacturers, providing them with an accurate snapshot of their production process. This allows real-time adjustments to be made as the production line evolves.

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Nowadays, quality control, analysis and monitoring are highly strategic issues for the agri-food industry. Traceability of raw materials and quality control throughout the production chain are major concerns for all stakeholders in the sector, in terms of both health and reputation. In this context, companies implementing cutting-edge technologies that can be easily integrated into production lines will stand out. Major groups will be looking to acquire innovative solutions, while smaller businesses will want to join forces to gain greater weight in a highly competitive market. Takeovers and disposals are likely to occur in the coming months. AURIS Finance’s teams are specialised by sector. We will support you throughout your transaction, from financing to divestment and from target identification to buyout.

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