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Summary of mergers and acquisitions in the industrial cleaning sector in 2018

Mergers and acquisitions activity has been really dynamic in the industrial cleaning sector in 2018. This trend to mergers is explained by the difficulties faced in the recruitment in the cleaning and related services sector and the rise of facility management

The Atalian Group, leader in facility management, marked the 2018 financial year with the acquisition of BBA (Holding of Effi Service and Sogepark) and Limpa. These acquisitions strengthen significantly its cleaning division which reaches a turnover of around 950 M€, making it the 2nd largest player of the cleaning and related services sector in France.


Société cible ou acteurRégion (Siège)Type d'opérationAcquéreurDate opérationActivité cibleCA société cible
LIMPACentreCession-AcquisitionATALIAN17/04/2018Propreté et services associés50 000
BBAÎle-de-FranceCession-AcquisitionATALIAN28/06/2018Propreté et services associés40 000
VIDIMUSNouvelle-AquitaineCession-AcquisitionGROUPE NICOLLIN09/07/2018Propreté et services associés10 000
ECO - C.L.E.A.NÎle-de-FranceCession-AcquisitionVDS21/09/2018Propreté et services associés6 000
ALIZEGrand EstCession-AcquisitionDERICHEBOURG01/11/2018Propreté et services associés3 500
ECLAT D'ALSACEAlsaceCession-AcquisitionSTEM09/03/2018Propreté et services associés3 000
ACCESS CLEAN-HJMÎle-de-FranceCession-AcquisitionAGENOR18/06/2018Propreté et services associés2 700
LA COLOMBE NETTOYAGEÎle-de-FranceCession-AcquisitionEMN10/04/2018Propreté et services associés2 500
NSAAlsaceCession-AcquisitionDERICHEBOURG01/06/2018Propreté et services associés2 000
CLEAN'HEUREBretagneCession-AcquisitionEMN15/09/2018Propreté et services associés1 000
ESTHETE PROPRETEÎle-de-FranceCession-AcquisitionVDS17/10/2018Propreté et services associés1 000