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AURIS Finance assists TRIANGLE Solutions RH once again for its expansion to the Netherland

Techvisie - Triangle

The French family group TRIANGLE Solutions RH, advised by AURIS Finance, is acquiring the temporary labor group TECHVISIE, a temporary labor company headquartered in the northeast of the Netherlands.

With the acquisition of TECHVISIE, TRIANGLE Solutions RH is strengthening its presence in the Dutch delegation market, following its acquisition of the SYNENSIS group in 2019. The new entity, TECHVISIE/SYNENSIS, generates approximately €50 million in revenue and operates through a network of fourteen branches across the country.

Founded in 1999, TECHVISIE has built a strong reputation in the delegation of technical personnel, primarily in the fields of construction, industry, electrotechnics, metallurgy, and infrastructure.

TECHVISIE has a particular expertise in recruiting and providing employees from Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, and Romania) through its offices in the Netherlands (Deventer, Amsterdam, Sittard, Weert, and Zevenaar) and in Germany (an office in Gronau).

“We are honored to assist TRIANGLE Solutions RH in the acquisition of TECHVISIE, and we wish Triangle Nederland’s team every success in its development, especially through the numerous synergies between TECHVISIE and SYNENSIS,” says Henri-Jacques Van Tichelen, a partner at AURIS Finance.

According to Jaap de Klerk, Director of Triangle Nederland, “SYNENSIS and TECHVISIE subsidiaries will work closely together. SYNENSIS also serves the construction and technical installation sectors but is also active in broader sectors such as logistics, catering, security, healthcare, production, and cleaning.”

The TRIANGLE Solutions RH group has approximately 250 branches in nine European countries. “The short-term goal is to reach a billion euros in revenue,” says its President, Jean Merafina. The driving force behind this ambition is his son, Wilfried Merafina, CEO of the group, with whom he shares the same vision. “My son convinced me of the need to more broadly support our clients on an international scale.” Acquiring peer companies is a key part of this growth strategy.

AURIS Finance has been involved as the advisor of TRIANGLE Solution RH

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