AURIS Finance
Our customers are best qualified to attest to the quality of our performance

When I decided to retire, AURIS Finance advised me in the sale of my Group, following a structured process. The firm’s teams were always available to me and showed their promptness in their handling of my project to its end.

Jean-Michel LOPEZ - BUSYBEE President

For the past ten years, AURIS Finance has maintained a trustworthy relationship with us, and has efficiently helped us grow externally.

Raymond DOUDOT - the President of Supervisory Board for DLSI

The sale of your business is an important event in the life of an entrepreneur.
The support provided by the team of Auris finances, allowed me to take this step with serenity. The benevolence, the professionalism of my interlocutor and his listening skills were a real added value during the sales process.
The relevance of the choice of the buyer selected by the Auris finance team convinced me of the merits of this operation and opened new perspectives.

Jean-Benoît ROMAIN - Founder of LFR Conseil

Finding equity investors to partner with was an important step for my company’s development. AURIS Finance designed customized pragmatic solutions that allowed me to reach my goals.

Philipe COLLADO - President of AODYS Consulting

AURIS Finance’s professionalism and high standards make them an excellent partner. Their team successfully met my expectations and showed me new growth perspectives to explore with my company.

Antoine CHARRIER - President of MIREOLIAN

One of the main challenges of my sales project was finding a buyer who could keep my company sustainable. AURIS Finance was the best choice to take the lead because of their industry expertise. The team displayed outstanding professionalism throughout the entire process.

Marc HUNSINGER - President of SOFABEX

I tasked AURIS Finance with the financial valuation of my company. I particularly appreciated the quality of their final valuation report which reflected the experience and competency of the firm’s teams.

Gilles COULON - President of PRIMIS

AURIS Finance’s industry-specific knowledge was a determining factor in succeeding in finding the most relevant buyers and organizing a controlled auction. The firm went above and beyond their professional duty to tenaciously defend our interests.

Mathieu LANFRANCHI - General Manager CONCEPT 2M

AURIS Finance advised us in the acquisition of two service companies. Beyond their perfect understanding of the industry, they brought to the table their professionalism, their experience and their dedication.

Luis FIGUEROLA de MIQUEL - President of Groupe C.G.R