Valuation : our method

  • Company diagnosis
    • Gathering of economic, structural, financial, legal, and fiscal data
    • Market analysis and projections
    • SWOT analysis
  • Financial analysis and business plan
    • Financial analysis of the company
    • Questioning and validating initial business plan assumptions
  • Valuation
    • Company valuation using the appropriate methods : discounted cash flow method (DCF), trading and transaction comparable multiples, wealth management approach…
    • Adjust for size, market, geography, etc differences in comparable universes
  • Synthesis
    • Presentation of the final valuation analysis
    • Recommendations
  • An acute understanding of the relevant valuation methods for your industry
  • The parameters and assumptions used in our valuation are relevant, tested and justified
  • Our legal status as Finance Investment Advisor (cf. AMF) guarantees the reliability of the valuation range

Customer reviews

For the past ten years, AURIS Finance has maintained a trustworthy relationship with us, and has efficiently helped us grow externally.

Raymond DOUDOT - the President of Supervisory Board for DLSI

I tasked AURIS Finance with the financial valuation of my company. I particularly appreciated the quality of their final valuation report which reflected the experience and competency of the firm’s teams.

Gilles COULON - President of PRIMIS

One of the main challenges of my sales project was finding a buyer who could keep my company sustainable. AURIS Finance was the best choice to take the lead because of their industry expertise. The team displayed outstanding professionalism throughout the entire process.

Marc HUNSINGER - President of SOFABEX

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Stock valuation

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Stock valuation

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